Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Strength Workout

I have been doing a strength workout for a while now with Kenny Burner. It is short and sweet. If I workout at the Academy we do five ladders of five rungs of clean and press. Only one clean per rung, then after the complete ladder we flip the big tire five times and repeat for five rounds. I started with the 70 pounders and now I am using the 79 pound kettlebells. If the tire isn't available I do what I call conditioners which is a modified burpee using the kettlebells. I do the down and back then I row the kettlebells for one rep and repeat for 5-7 times in place of the tire flips. So far so good. I'll keep you posted. This format helped me before to press the beast or 106 pound kettlebell so it does work. Give it a try to help you press a heavier kettlebell if that is your goal.


Scott A. Lowther said...

Hi Donnie, I have went back to ladder training for my C/P and pull ups. My goal is to press the 88lber. I am using the 62lb for the ladders. Also doing heavy deads and Crossfit metcons. I talked to Rob yesterday, he was telling what a stud you are with the big bells.

Kenny Burner said...

What Donnie may not have made clear is that it is a double kettlebell workout. I still use the 32 kg. The last time we worked out and timed it, he was still using the 32 kg. bells, and we did the workout in 24 minutes.