Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WVKC is reborn!

Hello Guys,

It has been almost one year since this blog has been active. Let's get the ball rolling again. All of those who have contributed to this blog in the past I encourage you to do so again. I would like to have at least a weeky update.

We now have a base of operation for any future event(s). Myself along with Cameron Cline and Jeremy Mullins have opened Firebreather Fitness. It is a 7,000 sq. ft. Strength/Conditioning and Martial Arts facility just off the I-64 St. Albans exit. Please stop by and check it out sometime.


Jess Gundy said...

It's about time dude...I saw the article in the paper about the gym. Looks like a great place to work out.

Scott A. Lowther said...

Hi Jess, yes it is a great facility with great people. We have allot of talented and hard working people there. Glad to hear from you bro.

P. J. said...

Welcome back, looks like a great facility. I'll have to drop in sometime for a visit.